How can my soup make a profit?

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Our topic now is ‘Can I sell my soup?’. You have been put into new research groups where you’re going to think about selling your soup. We have been learning about profit, loss, cost price and selling price. Can you explain what these are using examples?

The water cycle

Evaporation: Evaporation is when the  sun gets really hot. When the sun gets  hot enough the water turns into vapor or gas. Soon the gas goes into  the sun.

Condensation: After a while the gas will go out of the sun and forms a tiny cloud. Soon the tiny clouds come together and creates a colossal cloud.+

Precipitation: When the clouds get really heavy  it starts to turn into rain cloud and it start to control the weather.

Collection: Soon the water comes down on any surface bellow. Plants or any surface bellow collects it.

Subordinating conjunction?

1. I was ill since last week.

2. I am excited because I am going to the movies.

3. After I do my homework I am going to play outside…. football.

4. If I go to the shops I can buy a figget spinner.

5. If I don’t listen to my mum though I will have a punishment

6. I’m going to there unless you come.

7. I’m going to count to three till you come right Here.

8. When I go to the park I am going to the climbing frame.

9. Where is your homework mr!!

10. Why are you late?



Writing in role as Jamal

Suddenly I heard a loud sound when I checked it was my house was getting blown up . I felt petrified I didn’t know what to do . I felt really outrage I wanted you o get back at the annoying government . I was really scared when my dad lifted us into his arms . Yusuf ‘s cellar was really dirty there were spider webs everywhere.

As quick as a flasher entered Yusuth’s grandfathers cellar . The first thing dad did was put Bibi on a soft comfy mattress. I asked dad where is mum? Dad went quite he dud not say a single word until he left the cellar . I felt disappointed because dad didn’t say anything. I think mum is in danger . 

I am feeling worried ! My amazing beautiful home is destroyed ! I am missing my mum. Could  she be caught by the government . All my secrets memories and diary entries are gone . Oh no ! I am feeling worried I do not know what to do .

By Vaisaali

Mathew Muller

POSITION : STRIKER                                                                                                                   NUMBER : 9                                                                                                                                     GOALS : 320                                                                                                                                    TEAM :  RED DEVILS

Chapter 1                                                                                                                                  David and Martial do two passes in the circle ( that represents the center of the pitch ) to kickoff  . They pass around and Muller just received the ball , he doesn’t know who to pass it to because Royal Toast are blocking the way to pass it to his team . He rainbow flicks it over one of the opponent team’s player’s head and chips it over another and lands  gently on Jameson’s foot . 

Chapter 2                                                                                                                                Then he darts straight ahead near the goal while Jameson spends time running to the corner of the pitch so he can cross it over to me , Ibrahimovic or Martial to header somewhere  in the back of the net . Unfortunatly , one of the other team player blocked the cross  . Then , it started to pour with rain . ” Rain ! That’s all we need to win ! ” screamed Surf  ,the manager . 

                                                                                                                                              Chapter 3                                                                                                                                           All thee other team players play rubbish when it rains . Then , Saffron takes a deep breath and the referee blows the whistle . Saffron aims right 5 cm away from my head and cross’ the ball with curve . It looked as if it was going towards the defenders but at the last second , it curved to where Saffron was aiming . I jumped trusting my head to score .

Chapter 4                                                                                                                                         I move my head and swing it to the top left corner , the goalkeeper dives to the ball but  it goes to  the back of the net in no time . Suddenly , most of my team start jumping and pouncing on me . ” GOAL! WHAT A SHOT!” screams the manager when he is on top of the pile that is on me . 

                          THE END …                                                                                                                            Thank you for spending time and reading my story .                                           

Operation Christmas Child

                Operation Christmas Child !
What is Operation Christmas Child?
Operation Christmas Child is a company that gives presents to poor Children in different countries at Christmas. They do this because the children that are poor have a happy Christmas instead of having nothing to play. We put the presents in empty shoeboxes and then they will go on a plane to poor countries.
What would we put for girls in a shoebox?
. Barbie dolls 
. Art supplies 
.Tooth brush/tooth paste
.Colouring pencils and paper
.Note book
. Accessories for hair 
. Teddy bears
. Earrings (only if they have their ears pierced)
What would we put in shoeboxes for boys?
. Tennis balls
. Clothes
. Footballs
. Magic cards
. Shoes
. Football shoes with studs
. Paper
How does the charity run?
The charity runs by adults and children working together by finding a shoebox in their house and wrapping it in Christmas wrapping and then they put a toy in it that is still in good condition. After that the Samaritans will take the present to a Church where they will see if the toy is appropriate. If it is appropriate they will take it to a poor countries by plane.
What countries do they go to?
They go to many different countries that are poor for example different countries in Africa as they are a couple of poor countries in Africa. So they will be given to those poor people.
That’s all you need to know!


Children in need!

What we did for operation Christmas child was, making shoe boxes everybody had to collect toys and books to put in a shoe box. After we warped it up with Christmas decerations before we did that, we had to write a letter that said…….

To whoever opens this letter,

Merry Christmas! My name is Eshan I am 9 years old, my favourite colour is gold and blue, also I LOVE GAMING. My favourite toy’s are transformers and lego ninjago. Mostly I like lego because you get creative and more imagernary. My favourite drink is fanta I know it’s not healthy but it makes me active! My favourite food is beef burgers.

the members of my family are mum,dad,grandparents,uncle, aunty, cousins and expesialy my brother. Mostly play with my brother because he is the best and he’s the one who makes me laghf so much. My dad is the best in the family because he is the one who makes everything fun.

what I like doing at school is maths because it is very challenging and I like challenging stuff. At my free time at home I read books, the best action book I read was captain underpants and the booger monsters that was the weirdest and funniest ozokerite I have ever read….. THIS BOOK WAS CRAZY!!!!!

from a friend from England

Eshan 🙂

After we had to write all of that on an a4 paper and fold it and finally put it in our box.

Operation Christmas child!!

Why we have been involved in this project?We are involved in this project so we help chairty for poor people.Also people who don’t celebrate Christmas.
How is it linked to boy overboard?Is linked to boy overboard because In the book is also  some part in Afghanistan and there lots of people poor also in other countries.
What we had to do to prepare the shoeboxes?teddy,hair brush and a bouncy ball and other more stuff.
The letters that we wrote to the children who are receiving them?It will come to our shoeboxes and will be receiving to people who are poor and need  more money.
From Savera!!